Cougar Plans More PC Gaming Peripherals, eSports Involvement

Chassis and power supply provider Cougar has laid out its plans for the future, announcing that it will release a new wave of PC gaming peripherals, including water-resistant gaming keyboards and headphones. The company plans to expand its current lines of PC gaming peripherals as well.

In addition to the new devices, Cougar indicated that it will expand its presence in the eSports arena by supporting more gaming teams and sponsoring more events. The company is already backing Brazilian team INTZ, which is currently Brazil's top League of Legends team.

News of Cougar's expansion arrives one year after the company launched its first peripherals in the PC gaming market, the 700 series, which consisted of the 700M gaming mouse and the 700K keyboard. The company also launched game peripheral management software called Cougar UIX.

"We love gaming, and we've worked hard for years to provide PSUs, cases and fans suited to gamers' specific needs. We took a long, hard look at the gaming peripherals market and to be honest, with few exceptions, we didn't like what we saw. We knew it was time for us to do something about it," said Cougar's Lio Huang.

Since then, Cougar has released a number of PC gaming peripherals including the 600M and 200M gaming mice and the 600K, 500K and 200K mechanical gaming keyboards. But don't worry; Cougar is still supplying its arsenal of PC components, including power supplies, PC cases, fans and more. Some of the more interesting cases Cougar supplies include the Challenger series and the Evolution series.

Finally, in a press release distributed on Thursday, Cougar thanked its customers and fans who have shown support over the last several years. Expect to hear more from Cougar in the second half of 2015, starting with Computex in June.

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  • Calculatron
    Now let's hope they can fix the PWM circuitry to their Vortex fans, and eliminate that whine.
  • alidan
    make a good pc controller... so many games that come out damn near require one and the only ones we get all have rubber dome for the d pad... build a controller with a d pad that has 8 buttons, isn't rubber dome, and all the buttons are separate presses... there you go... any game you could want to play is now playable.

    my fight stick doesn't work and i dont want to spend 200+ dollars on a new one... fighting games are such a nightmare with the 360 controller even though every game is made to work with a 360 pad but if you use a non 360 its a crapshoot if it will work or if you can configure it to work.
  • belardo
    I don't think anyone makes a decent flight stick that won't live a year or more. Hence, I still keep my OLD MS Sidewinder II joystick (2003 era). I've yet to find a decent replacement.