Guess How Many JooJoos Have Been Sold

The JooJoo tablet (formerly known as the CrunchPad) started shipping last Friday and orders were expected to deliver on Monday. So how many people are this week playing with their shiny new tablet from Fusion Garage? Well, not many, it turns out.

The JooJoo made a big splash when it was revealed last year and seeing as how it hit preorder status back in early December, assuming FG had a decent amount of preorders is not exactly an off-the-wall theory. However, it looks like business is slow for Fusion Garage; court documents reveal that the company only received 90 preorders and 15 of those have since been returned.

Gizmodo cites court documents from the ongoing suit between TechCrunch and Fusion Garage that state just 90 of the $500 tablets have been ordered and 15 have been either canceled or returned. To put that in clearer terms, that's $45,000 if they manage to sell all 90. As Giz points out, that's not exactly a huge amount of money when you've got lawsuits, legal bills and the desire to mass produce.

While it's easy to blame the announcement of the iPad and a host of other tablets for the lack of excitement, it's hard to ignore the controversy surrounding this device. What started out as the $200 brainchild of TechCrunch's Michael Arrington has evolved into a $500 tablet from a company that Arrington is calling disreputable.  

  • gilbertfh
    The not so noteworthy JooJoo totally slipped my mind. As has been stated on many forums it really is all about marketing. Maybe if they would have stuck to the origional pricing scheme it would have been more of a hit.
  • Mottamort
    ...Whats a JooJoo? :D
  • yay
    I must admit, i laughed when i read the title. The news however wasn't really that funny. Its sad to see the ipad sell so well when comparable, non restrictive products are doing so poorly, regardless of background. Good luck against even the most basic android guys!
  • babybeluga
    What a mean (but epic) article!

    We want the caveman pic!
  • Kaiser_25
    Ya they didnt market well enough...again sad
  • zoemayne
    RIP JooJoo I'm gonna miss u homie!
  • cryogenic
    This proves what?
    That only Apple can sell anything to it's fanatical fan base?
  • Ho0d1um
    CryogenicThis proves what? That only Apple can sell anything to it's fanatical fan base?No it proves that FG f'd up by jacking the price like they did. Hell I would by an iPad over this thing, and I hate apple.
  • i8cookiemonster
    And here I thought JooJoo was a type of candy and this might be some kind of contest...
    I guess I was wrong. :(
  • chris13th
    babybelugaWhat a mean (but epic) article!We want the caveman pic!See my profile picture and your wish will be granted.