Cryorig's H5 CPU Cooler is Highly-Compatible and Well-Priced

When we first saw the Cryorig H5 CPU cooler back at Computex, it looked like it hit most of the characteristics of a good cooler: It won’t get in the way of tall memory sticks or PCI-Express devices (on most motherboards), the height of 160 mm will fit in most cases, and it simply looks good. It certainly isn’t built to be the best cooler out there, but it is designed to be universally compatible and affordable.

Now, Cryorig is officially launching the product, and it will be coming to shelves soon. The H5 is built with a single-tower design, and comes with an XT140 140 mm slim fan with PWM support. There are also four 6 mm heat pipes as well as Cryorig’s patented Hive Fin design, which we also saw in the company’s flagship R1 CPU cooler.

"Besides innovative optimizations, we truly want the H series to be a cost effect solution. We want to bring the premium build quality and detailed designs of our higher-end product lines to the mainstream user,“ said Alex W. Co-Founder of Cryorig.

Pricing is attractive, too; at $46.99 you’ll get a lot of value for your money, along with a six-year warranty.

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  • mapesdhs
    If you end up benchmarking this, pleeeease include a standard venerable TRUE
    so that we have a familiar baseline.

  • Novuake
    140mm fan, this thing will be quiet if nothing else.
  • Shneiky
    Even if the fan is 140mm, the fact that it is a slim fan will impact noise/performance ratio. I would have really enjoyed this having a 25/30mm fan or something. I really need a cooler that stands between price/performance and wieght wise between Hyper 212 Evo and the high end Phanteks PH-TC14(no Noctua, too ugly and too expensive)/Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 2 (or 3 series for that matter).