Cryorig Releases Full-Copper C7 Cu Low-Profile Heatsink

Almost a year after it was shown off at Computex 2017, the full-copper version of Cryorig’s C7 heatsink has been officially announced. The C7 is currently Cryorig’s smallest low-profile heatsink. The heatsink’s design places its entire structure directly over its footprint. Because no parts of it overhang components on the motherboard, the C7 is nearly as universally compatible as Intel’s stock cooler.

The new C7 Cu is identical in form to the regular C7. The only difference is in the material of its heatsink. As the its name implies, the C7 Cu’s heatsink is constructed entirely from uncoated copper, which is a better conductor than aluminum. Cryorig said the new material improves the C7’s performance by 15%. What this translates to is a rated TDP of 115W, 15W more than the regular C7’s 100W, and a weight of 675g, nearly double that of the regular C7’s 357g.

The regular C7 predates the AM4 socket used by AMD’s Ryzen processors, so it needs a separate compatibility kit to work those processors. The new C7 Cu is compatible with AM4 by default. The C7 Cu will be available starting June for $50.

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ProductCryorig C7 Cu
Dimensions (HxWxD)47 x 97 x 97mm
Base HeightUnknown
Assembly Offset0.0mm (centered)
MaterialsCopper Fins, Nickel-Coated Copper Base
Fans1 x 92mm (custom design and mounting)
Connectors1 x 4-Pin PWM
AMD SocketsFM1, FM2/+, AM2/+, AM3/+, AM4
Intel Sockets1150, 1151, 1155, 1156
Warranty3 Years
  • -Fran-
    115W for a low profile is excellent. Will you review this HSF at some point?

  • manleysteele
    20896524 said:
    115W for a low profile is excellent. Will you review this HSF at some point?

  • Dark Lord of Tech
    I own the older variety C7 great cooler.
  • The Original Ralph
    GOING TO BE interesting to see what performance copper brings - copper does transfer heat about 30% faster than aluminum, so that would help justify the $49.95 MSRP i saw
  • DerekA_C
    lol this is exactly what I was looking for with a antec isk 110 u3 and r5 2400g :D
  • Zaporro
    Looks so pretty, perfect for some copper/steampunkish themed open case small HTPC
  • lperreault21
    wow, And It looks SOOOO good