Bungie Talks Mercury In 'Curse Of Osiris' Livestream

Destiny 2’s first major piece of downloadable content (DLC) arrives in less than three weeks. Before its launch, Bungie held a livestream event on Twitch that covered numerous areas of new features coming to the “Curse of Osiris” expansion.

The stream kicked off with some background into the new storyline that players will see in the DLC. It seems that you’ll work with Sagira, a female-voiced ghost who Osiris threw into a warp gate that took it to Mercury’s surface. In the meantime, Osiris is battling Vex in the Infinite Forest, replaced the core of Mercury. To the Vex, it’s a “reality engine” that allows the time-traveling troops to see multiple timelines and pick one that suits its interests. You can enter the Infinite Forest when you explore the planet, and it contains multiple “trees” or towers. Each of those structures is a gate to another reality, such as a bleak future where the Vex take over the entire planet, and you can visit these timelines.

Like the planets currently available in Destiny 2, Mercury will have a main social space. In this case, it’s the Lighthouse, which was previously available in the first game to those who managed to win the highly competitive Trials of Osiris activity. You’ll be able to obtain new gear by visiting Brother Vance, who oversees operations in the area. The Lighthouse also contains a mysterious set of glyphs. Bungie said that each sign corresponds to a unique weapon. You’ll have to take on specific quests and gather materials in other to forge these firearms, which are combined with Vex technology.

Bungie raised the overall player and power level to 25 and 330, respectively, so you’ll need to make sure that you meet the requirements to try the new endgame activities. Heroic strikes, which were in the first game, are returning with the DLC. These are tougher than your usual set of strike missions because of the stronger enemies. However, they won’t be as difficult as the Nightfall strike, which included a time limit. If you managed to finish the Leviathan raid, you’ll have a more challenging event to try. The studio introduced a Raid Lair, which includes its own set of puzzles and bosses, similar to the raid. However, the six-player activity won’t take as long to complete, and it will still be a challenge to finish it. As usual, you’ll get new weapons, armor, and cosmetic items as rewards for completing it. The Raid Lair will be available shortly after the launch of the DLC.

The stream was the first of three planned sessions where Bungie will show off the new elements in “Curse of Osiris.” The studio held similar livestreams in the past, most recently with Destiny’s Age of Triumph event. In the following weeks, you can expect the reveal of more activities on Mercury as well as details on new weapons and gear.

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