First Expansion For 'Destiny 2' Arrives Dec 5

Last month was when we first heard about the “Curse of Osiris,” the first piece of downloadable content (DLC) coming to Destiny 2. At Sony’s PlayStation event at Paris Games Week, Bungie showed it off in a new trailer that gives us gameplay footage and its release date (December 3).

The new DLC allows you to travel to the planet Mercury. A new warp gate has opened, and it’s ushering in an army of powerful Vex machines from the past and future. This threat needs to be quelled before it can threaten the solar system, but you’ll need help. Enter Osiris, who is the “most notorious Guardian in Vanguard history.” As you fight the Vex on Mercury, you’ll have to find him and see if he will help you or impede your progress.

New DLC also means that you can obtain new armor and weapons to use in combat. Further, we were told that you’ll get to access a new social space — The Lighthouse — which was initially reserved for those who completed the Trials of Osiris activity in the first Destiny game. You’ll also get to explore Mercury’s Infinite Forest area, participate in more missions, and obtain “new raid content.”

“Curse of Osiris” is the first of two planned DLC packs for Destiny 2. The other content bundle arrives sometime next spring. As the final seconds of the trailer show, it seems that DLC 2 will have you fight the dangerous SIVA nanobots — from the “Rise of Iron” expansion from Destinyagain.

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  • torka
    Paid DLC needs to stop. If I pay $60 for a game, I shouldn't be charged for any additional content within the first year, and then it should be a full blown expansion.
  • wirefire
    I am torn on that TORKA, In some respects Destiny is like a MMORPG. It has specific "end game content" and in order to keep the players addicted to the "loot crack pipe" they need to produce new content and new loot to go with it. In that sense it is like many games with a monthly subscription. So compare that against buying DLCs and it is a wash or a win for the consumer (loosely). DLC for some other games though is a total rip off. If you buy the deluxe edition you get there DLCs so there is an option on the table to get the "whole year 1 experience" for once price... it is just more than most standard titles.