Deal of the Day: Alienware m11x for $549.99

LogicBUY will be bringing out the usual full list of deals starting tomorrow, but here's just an appetizer to get you started before tomorrow's feast.

Dell Alienware m11x 11.6-in Core 2 Duo Laptop w/ 1GB GeForce GT 335M - Was $799, now $549.99

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  • quovatis
    Make it at least 14" and I'd be interested.
  • blackjellognomes
    This deal has been on and off for a few months now....

    quovatisMake it at least 14" and I'd be interested.
    You mean like the M15x? :p
    Anyway, I think that the small size is part of the appeal. I don't want to be lugging around a 6+ lb notebook. The M11x provides decent power in a portable package. Hook it up to a larger display when you want to game and you're good to go.
  • jimsocks
    Did they fix the hinge