Dell Launches Two New AIO Desktops

Dell on Friday two all-in-one desktops: the OptiPlex 3030 and the OptiPlex 9030. The latter desktop is aimed at professionals who need an extremely secure platform, while the former desktop was designed with education in mind. Both solutions are available today starting at $799 (3030) and $899 (9030).

Given that these all-in-one PCs have multiple configurations that customers can alter to some degree, a simple list of specs can't be provided. However, the listing for the 9030 that's fully loaded includes a quad-core Intel Core i7-4790S processor, Windows 7 Professional, 8 GB of DDR3L memory, a 500 GB 5400 RPM hard drive, and a 23-inch LED-lit non-touch screen with a Full HD resolution. This model starts at $1229, whereas the cheapest model will run you $899 after a discount.

According to Dell, the 9030 has a new thin and sleek design including a rotating screen and dual monitor capability. There's also a Full HD webcam, a universal headset, optional discrete graphics, tool-less serviceability and redesigned cabling.

As for the OptiPlex 3030, this all-in-one packs a quad-core Intel Core i5-4590S processor, Windows 7 Professional, 4 GB of DDRL memory, a 1 TB 5400 RPM hard drive, an AMD Radeon R5 A240 GPU, and an 8x DVD+/RW optical drive. The AIO also provides dual-band Wireless N connectivity and a 23-inch LED-lit screen with a Full HD resolution and optional touch. Discounted prices range from $789 to $929.

Dell reports that the 3030 is the first device to receive third party certification from UL Environment for using closed loop recycled plastics. This AIO rig also has "heightened" security features including a lockable port cover and lock slot support. There's also full access to Dell's Data Protection series that includes malware protection.

"The OptiPlex brand began it all for Dell and continues to be one of our largest lines of business, and today we're excited to announce two new additions to the portfolio," states the PR.

  • Steve Simons
    Does it come with all the garbage-ware that Dell pre-loads and their horrible customer service to boot? I will never buy a Dell again.
  • Zepid
    How about a fucking refresh on your AH-IPS 1440p panels already? I'm sick of the 1440p non-TN price gouging. It is like all the manufacturers have colluded and decided on releasing at maximum 2 models every 12 months, that are intentionally gimped out of the gate.

    The panel tech is far superior to what they are selling us, and available for considerably less.
  • memadmax
    5400 rpm hard drive at 900 bucks???

    I don't freakin think so....
  • cheese24
    holy bezel batman
  • welcome to dell's "how to make a boring AIO 101"
  • Menigmand
    AIOs could be really popular, if they were sold at reasonable prices for the hardware they offer.
  • NightLight
    looks like the very first 15" tft i once had.
  • hp79
    Hate those panel on panel sandwich or lip design that they've been doing for a while now.
  • thebigt42
    How hard do they make it to replace the RAM and Storage yourself?? I'm thinking cheapest i7 buy some crucial ram and SDD.
  • kristoffe
    I forced my 560ti 2gb to do 4k (seiki 39") through hdmi 1.4* whatever the new cable it came with. I found software that added new 3840x2160 and 275(?)mhz over it. So, my 560ti 2gb is BETTER in compression than the newer cards... or maybe the damn card in hdmi 1.4* is the same driver, and I circumvented nothing aside from not buying a 6**~7** card to get 4K "native" (vampire$)