Dell Says Its New XPS 435 is "Mind Blowing"

Dell is ramping up performance with the Studio XPS 435.

Over the last several years, Dell has diversified its computer offerings in an attempt to better meet the needs of its customers. What started with Inspiron and XPS desktops is now Inspiron, Vostro, Studio, XPS, Studio XPS, and Alienware. Confusing? Maybe, but the increased number of brands has allowed for some powerful desktops whose looks are beyond the classic Dell cases.

The newest offering in the desktop market from Dell is the Studio XPS 435. The Core i7-based system does have some impressive options, although it is not yet for sale. Users can customize the 435 with Core i7 and Core i7 Extreme processors, which come on an X58 motherboard. What really separates this new offering from existing Studio XPS desktops are looks, memory, graphics, and storage. The 435 can take up to 24 GB of triple channel DDR3 memory as well as up to 4.5 terabytes of hard drive space. Compared to the 12 GB of RAM and 1.28 TB (640 x 2) of storage in existing offerings, this newest Studio XPS is a cut above other Dell desktops in its product line, offering more than enough storage and RAM for any Photoshop or Avid buff.

For graphics, the XPS 435 does away with the 512MB ATI Radeon 4850 offered in the other Studio XPS solutions and offers a 1 GB 4870 with GDDR5 memory. Unfortunately, the 435 has only one PCI-express x16 slot, but pictures of the case's insides show that there is room for a 4870 X2 if you decide to upgrade after purchase. The included 4870 has a HDMI out, which would make the optional Blu-ray drive a useful addition.

Speaking of the case, the new case that comes with the Studio XPS 435 looks pretty stylish, considering what company it's coming from. The case is tilted upward slightly, and offers three USB ports and audio connections on the top as well as a memory card suite above the optical drives. The coloring is a slick black and gray with red highlighting.

No price or sale date are available, but if you go high end with the 435, expect to wave your income tax refund goodbye, and then some--but fear not: Dell says its new Studio XPS 435 offers "mind blowing entertainment." Take a look at the Studio XPS 435 here.

UPDATE: The Studio XPS 435 went on sale today. The starting price is $1099, which gets you a Core i7 920, 3GB of DDR3 RAM, a 500GB hard drive, and a 256MB ATI Radeon 3650. If you're willing to throw down a few extra Benjamins, $1469 will add the 1GB 4870 and a BD-ROM drive. XPS Studios 435's ordered today will likely ship on March 19th.

Follow the link for the 435 customization page.

  • tenor77
    What is mindblowing is any serious gamer who does not build their own rig.
  • grieve
    Another Dell...This machine is nothing special.

    Buy this for $3000 from Dell or build it for $1200.
  • grieve
    This machine is nothing special.

    Purchase from Dell for $3,000 or built it for $1,200
  • Shadow703793
    ^+11111. I too don't understand that. I know people don't have much time, but seriously, if you can find time to game then you can most certainly find time to build it your self. Even if you don't know how to do it, there are places like Toms,etc and many guides/websites that can help out with your first build.
  • jsloan
    after you realize how much you paid for so little (2x-3x what you could build it for), yes, i'd say it was "Mind Blowing"

    it only supports a single PCI-express x16 slot!
  • Claimintru
    Not to mention plenty of other online system builders who would be glad to build a high end PC for MUCH less (If you don't have the know-how or time to do it yourself)
  • HAHAHAhahaha, jeesh, mind blowing, from a 4850 to 4870 LOL, will be overpriced just like the rest of the xps line.

    granted their laptops are not bad value for money (take the studio 17 line) but seriously, dell for a high spec gaming machine, no head over to rock or another performance builder if you cant do it yourself.

    I mean, yes go with x58, yes i7 but for goodness sake, 1 yes ONE pcix16, youre having a laugh Dell LOL The case is a mess, definately restricted airflow, crappy cooler, no doubt dell revised bios (goodbye overclock) and possibly the worst cable management on any high end system ive ever seen yet.

    No dell stick to budget quality for the masses and leave the custom rigs to alienware, thats why you bought them out anyways isnt it!
  • jonpaul37
    Way i look at it, as much as i hate Dell, they are doing in right, people will buy it because they are ignorant, of course you and i (the avid PC builder/enthusiest) would think it's nonsense to buy one of these systems, but remember habout 80% of americans are completely mindless and ignorant, Dell is getting paid to exploit this... It's highway robbery, but it happens...
  • macer1
    if your buying a dell xps its for the warranty. nothing more, nothing less then piece of mind.
  • hellwig
    "Here son, I bought you a $3000 computer with a $200 graphics card in it, have fun!"

    Seriously, companys like Alienware and Voodoo may have been boughtout with corporate greed, but there are plenty of new upstarts to shop from. Support smaller business, don't just blindly throw your money into Dell's swelling bank account.

    Dell's computers are generally just crap. My old "workstation" PC at work had dual-Xeons, but only 1GB of memory and a 40GB harddrive. My current "desktop" at work has 2GB of memory, but only an 80GB harddrive and a meager 1.8GHz Celeron. What blind monkey pieces these computers together, and why do companys pay millions/billions of dollars a year to lease them?