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Nvidia DesignWorks VR, GameWorks VR Beta Has Ended

Nvidia announced that the beta period has ended for both the GameWorks VR and DesignWorks VR SDKs, and VR developers now have access to the 1.0 release of each. Nvidia claimed the included features can improve VR performance by as much as 50 percent.

Nvidia announced that the DesignWorks VR and GameWorks VR SDK beta period has ended. The company revealed that version 1.0 of both development kits are available for game developers making games for virtual reality and software developers creating tools for manufacturing and other professional needs.

The two SDKs comprise a set of APIs to help developers work with virtual reality environments and include features such as VR SLI, which will enable the ability to dedicate a GPU for each eye within a VR HMD. Multi-Res Shading is another feature that we've talked about a few times that will help increase performance. Nvidia recently stated that it achieved a 50 percent increase in performance using this technique in the Unreal Engine 4 tech demo Reflections Subway.

DesignWorks VR includes features such as GPU Affinity, which Nvidia said increases performance by managing how multiple GPUs tackle shared rendering and graphics workloads, and Synchronization, which is used to prevent image tearing and misalignment that can occur when creating desktops that span multiple GPUs or clusters.

To gain access to either of these SDKs, developers will have to register for the platform of their choice. GameWorks VR signups can be found here and DesignWorks VR signups are located here.

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