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Desktop eSports Hand Massager Promises to Keep Your Digits in Tiptop Condition

Bauhutte Japan has released a hand massaging device with an optional heating function to ease away the aches and strains of PC gamers. The compact desktop device, pictured below, manipulates 15 massage points, covering various key zones of your palm and fingers.

Bauhutte hand massager

(Image credit: Bauhutte)

With its ambidextrous design, Bauhutte's MSG-01H-BK hand massager can do its magic on either hand. It has a Shiatsu mode, a thumb mode, and finger mode - and can cycle these over a programmed 10-minute session. In addition, you can toggle the massage intensity between three strengths.

The heating mode will be welcome at this time of year, too. The combination of palm and finger massage with gentle (5W) heating might be just the thing in the colder months. Bauhutte says you can even use the MSG-01H-BK in between gaming sessions to ease tiredness and "maximize your strength."

MSG-01H-BK specifications

The Bauhutte MSG-01H-BK sounds great in theory, but what about the specs? Thankfully the device designer is pretty forthcoming with the essential tech details:

ModesHand Shiatsu mode, finger thimble mode, three intensity settings, and optional heater.
ControlsIntensity level x 3, heater on/off, start a full 10-mins massage course or fingers-only.
Dimensions6.7 x 7.3 x 3.9 inches (170 x 185 x 100mm)
Weight ~750g.
ConstructionBlack ABS, inner: polyurethane, nylon
PowerAC100-240V 50 / 60Hz 500mA, 12W total consumption.
RGBNo RGB LEDs, except for those in the control button array

It is also worth mentioning that the Bauhutte MSG-01H-BK has passed Japanese medical device certification, which should provide some assurance that the contraption won't go wrong and accidentally mangle or burn your hands.

Bauhutte MSG-01H-BK

(Image credit: Bauhutte )

Pricing and availability

At the time of writing the Bauhutte MSG-01H-BK is listed on the firm's dedicated Amazon Japan Store page at JPY 16,953 + JPY 1,411 delivery charge to my home. This is equivalent to $148 + delivery, or £110 + delivery. Amazon Japan might not deliver to your territory, but at the time of writing the device listing says it is "temporarily out of stock."

Bahutte also sells an Ottoman-style Foot Massager for gamers (MSG-02F-BK) which is in stock at the moment but costs JPY 39,800 plus delivery. That's roughly equivalent to $350 (or £260) plus delivery.