A thin client computer for $140

King of Prussia (PA) - If a thin client system is all you need in a corporate environment, then here's a new low-cost alternative. Devon IT announced a thin client terminal with prices starting at $140.

Devon IT's DIT 6040A is not a universal computing solution, and as other thin clients, depends on a network connection to be operational. Moving parts such as a hard drive are stripped from the system which is designed to deliver a basic and "cost-effective alternative to standard PCs."

The computer can be equipped with Devon's own Terminal Operating System (DeTOS) and is able to display Windows desktops web browsers, applications from multi-user Windows 2000 and Microsoft Server 2003 as well as UNIX and Linux X Windows programs.

The hardware is based on a Via Eden 400 MHz processor and 64 MB of system memory. The fanless system design also includes six USB, one serial, two PS/2, one VGA and one parallel port.