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It's Official, 'Dirt Rally' Coming To Oculus Rift Next Week (Updated: Available Now)

Update, 9:94am PT, July 11, 2016: The Dirt Rally VR update is now available through Steam and the full game can be purchased on the Oculus Home store. If you own Dirt Rally on Steam, you're in for a 10.2GB update. Be prepared to download 39GB for the full game though the Oculus Home store.

Original Story

The action-packed racing of Codemaster’s Dirt Rally is about to get a whole lot more real. Next week, the rallycross racing game will be updated with official VR support. Dirt Rally will also be available on the Oculus Home store.

If you’re a Dirt Rally fan, you likely knew this was coming already. When the game was first announced, Codemasters said that it would eventually support VR, and for a time, you could play the game with a Rift DK2, but support was never official. The company didn’t stop working towards official VR support, though, and as recently as April, Dirt Rally Chief Game Designer Paul Coleman confirmed on Twitter that official support was coming “but that it takes time.”

Well, it appears that time has come. Nvidia let the cat out of the bag with the release of the Dirt Rally VR Game Ready driver that was released earlier this week, but now it’s official. Codemasters is releasing the VR patch for Dirt Rally on Monday, July 11. If you plan to try this one out, be warned: Codemasters said the experience is quite intense.

“For those of you with kits in their homes or on their way, it’s time to buckle up – because if you thought Dirt Rally was a bumpy ride before, you’re going to feel it more than ever,” said Christina McGrath from Codemasters. “When we’ve been playing it the office, we’ve had people flinching, leaning and screaming in their rigs, so we can safely say: Get ready to have your senses assaulted.”

Codemasters said that the VR patch will be a free update for everyone who owns the PC version of the game. Dirt Rally will also make its debut on the Oculus Home store at the same time. The company didn’t say how much the game will sell for on Oculus’s store, but Dirt Rally is $59.99 on Steam right now, so we expect a comparable price.