Star Wars: Attack Squadrons Accepting Closed Beta Signups

Image: Disney InteractiveImage: Disney Interactive

Seems like eons have passed since LucasArts published the Star Wars: X-Wing series for PC back in the 90s. They were exciting games for their time, allowing players to sit in the virtual cockpit of an X-Wing Fighter, TIE Fighter and more. Now it looks as if Disney Interactive wants to explore space combat again with the upcoming launch of Star Wars: Attack Squadrons.

Under development by Area 52 in conjunction with Disney Interactive and LucasArts, this game will be free-to-play and set in the classic Star Wars: Episode IV/V/VI timeframe. Players can battle online in three Player vs Player game modes: Free For All where sixteen players shoot each other up in classic deathmatch glory, Team Dogfight, which is another name for Team Deathmatch, and Base Defense where players defend their base from the enemy squadron.

"The new title is a free-to-play, open web, space combat game offering an intense multiplayer battle experience where players can customize and tune popular Star Wars ships, including the Rebel Alliance's X-wing fighter or the Empire's TIE Interceptor," reads the announcement. "Future ships, environments, and game details will be announced in the coming weeks."

Players can upgrade and personalize their ships as they collect and modify them to their own specifications. Players can also earn points after successful matches to unlock new items and upgrades. There will even be new ships, items and upgrades every month.

Unfortunately, the details surrounding Attack Squadrons is limited. However, Star Wars fans can get the inside scoop by signing up now for a chance to participate in the closed beta right here, with the first play session beginning early 2014.

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  • Novuake
    Pfft... Did this about 4 hours ago. :D

    heheh Start Wars. The game may be crap and the trailer pretty useless, but I will sign up and try it at least.
  • cemerian
    already did sign up, probably will be even worse than swtor, but hey there is always that chance that this will be a good star wars game... ok who am i kidding it wont
  • jasonelmore
    I still cant sign up, hitting the big BETA button does nothing javascript;(void) error