Dolmen Devs Confirm Sci-Fi Game Launches With XeSS This Friday: Updated

Intel XeSS
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Update 5/17 04:09 PT:

In a tweet from the official Dolmen Twitter account it seems Intel XeSS support will drop this Summer, contrary to what Kiev Martins, Producer of Dolmen, had indicated in the original interview.

Original article:

Sci-Fi action-horror RPG shooter Dolmen will be one of the first games to launch with Intel XeSS support. The title is scheduled to release on PC / Steam this Friday, May 20. In an interview with WCCF Tech, Kiev Martins, Producer on Dolmen at Massive Work Studio, said that a Day-1 patch with Intel XeSS support will be released for game buyers.

Massive Work Studio has a development partnership with Intel, and worked closely with the chipmaker and chip designer. In the WCCF Tech interview, the Dolmen developer said Intel asked them to partner to test the abilities of their new GPUs.

(Image credit: Intel)

The devs were also specifically questioned whether XeSS support, Intel's smart upscaling technology, will be present in the game at launch. They replied to WCCF Tech as follows, "I think I can tell you that everything, including the partnership with Intel, will be released in the Day One patch."

Moreover, it is touted as offering support for AMD FSR 1.0 and Nvidia DLSS upscaling technologies at launch. If you are a bit disappointed that AMD FSR 2.0 isn't going to get day one support, please take note of the developer's assurance that FSR 2.0 support is on a to-do list they are working through. In case you missed it, we recently reported on the first dozen PC games that will offer FSR 2.0 support. Dolmen wasn't on that list, but it is good to know it is on the way.

If you haven't heard of Dolmen before, you might have missed our coverage of the Intel Arc laptop GPUs launch on March 30. As part of that event, Intel showed off a demo reel of Dolmen running in split-screen 1080p native on the left and 4K XeSS to the right. To help you see the impact on graphics quality Intel kindly provided some 2x and 4x magnifications as the demo ran. The video above lets you check out the action in qualities up to 4K/60fps.

XeSS will not be an Intel GPU-only option; it will also support modern AMD and Nvidia GPUs. There is an advantage of using XeSS on Intel GPUs, though – it will be accelerated by the Intel GPU's XMX (Xe Matrix eXtensions).

With the proliferation of rival upscaling technologies, it was good to see Nvidia recently launch its Streamline initiative to speed and simplify developer support. The initiative will also hopefully mean that developers offer more upscaling engine choices.

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