DRAM Prices at 22-Month Low, Start Buying

1 Gb DDR3 fell to just $0.87, which is a 3.3% decline just for January, while 1 Gb DDR2 is trading at the spot market at around $1.45.

The low prices are primarily due to apparently weak demand from PC market and increasing DRAM production, which was prompted by an optimistic outlook for PC sales. The 1 Gb DDR3 memory chips are currently seeing the highest demand and lowest prices as a result.

DRAMexchange said that especially second-tier chipmakers will have to cut their production to be able to survive this downturn and help stabilize DRAM prices.

For PC makers, however, the current market is seen as an opportunity to boost DRAM capacity in their systems and consumers are likely to see lower DRAM prices in stores as well. The bottom line? If you have been waiting for a good time to upgrade the memory in your PC, keep an eye on the market now.

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  • captaincharisma
    4GB of ram is good enough for me
  • one-shot
    RAM is very cheap on Newegg. It's about 50% than it was last year at this time. I'm talking about OCZ RAM, but I would pass on that brand. I've had lots of faulty DIMMs.
  • jrharbort
    The lowest I saw DDR3 reach back in 2009 was about $55 for 4GB in August. Prices spiked afterwards, but it looks like someone messed up on their math somewhere, and there is just too much available now.

    The prices today blow that out of the water. The last few machines I've built were easily able to fit 8~12GB of memory into the budget.