Egnyte To Expand Advanced Monitoring And Reporting Capabilities

Egnyte unveiled a smart reporting and auditing service to monitor users, storage, applications, devices and collaboration activity. This extension to the core Egnyte platform is “deity-like” in its widespread visibility available to both business and technology users.

People can quickly create actionable dashboards accessible through the Egnyte administrative consoles. A key benefit is that the reporting and auditing applies to Egnyte customers of all sizes (from small shops all the way up through large enterprise clients).

While not a killer app for document management – this is still covered by the application performance management (APM) vendors – it addresses a specific need for Egnyte customers and reinforces the core value proposition of the Egnyte platform.

Egnyte’s hybrid cloud solution improves the inherent value of this announcement, because the Egnyte data analytics capability can use information sourced from customers’ content activity (creation, editing, viewing, sharing) along with user actions, devices and applications.

The business benefits are promoted around three areas – reduced cost, mitigated risk and increased visibility into user behaviors.The first is that organizations can save money by making informed, data-driven choices about their infrastructure locally and globally.In the world of file sharing, this comes from minimizing bandwidth consumption (by leveraging cloud-based storage when people are remote, and local content when employees are on site), reducing support calls for offline services, and increased productivity from information always available.

Second, the Egnyte smart reporting and auditing service helps organizations monitor for issues to maintain security and compliance. The service provides preventative early alerts to notify administrators about suspicious activities originating from internal and external sources. This is critical in situations when users download a large quantity of documents in a short period of time. The auditing service can team with Egnyte’s action triggers to block users before they take documents away, guarding against the insider threat.

Finally, increased visibility can drive smart decisions by clearly showing security, availability and file performance data from the corporate infrastructure in real-time. Users have the option to gain insight into their usage patterns and collaborative efforts with colleagues and external business partners.

On the last point, this is more than just marketing fluff. With Egnyte’s integration to enterprise tools (such as, managers can monitor what content links are accessed and when. A good real-life example is using the reporting function to take action on who is accessing sales collateral and how that correlates to actual results. IT administrators can also decide which documents are best served on local storage devices versus being hosted in the public cloud.

Egnyte’s Smart Reporting and Auditing service is available immediately for all new and existing customers.