EKWB De-Lids an AMD Processor for Better Cooling

We've long heard of folks de-lidding Intel Ivy Bridge and Haswell processors, but we have not heard of de-lidding AMD processors; that is, up until now.

EKWB claims that it is the first to support cooling of de-lidded AMD A-series CPUs. The de-lidding is only supported with the Llano, Richland, Trinity, and Kaveri APUs. Any socket AM3+ CPUs do not support de-lidding, plainly because the CPU dies are soldered to the IHS.

The product from EKWB that makes this possible is the EK-Supremacy PreciseMount Add-on Naken APU. This is a rather long name for what is essentially a different screw set that allows EKWB's water blocks to be mounted lower, actually reaching the CPU die while providing sufficient pressure.

Note that if you de-lid your processor, your warranty is void; if you fail in the process, only you can be held accountable for any damage done.

EKWB has listed the screw set on its webshop with a price tag of $5.48.

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  • Yuka
    I know there are guides and even YouTube videos showing how to de-lid a CPU/APU, but I really want to know how feasible it is. For a rookie de-lidder, what's the % of fail? Is it really helpful?Cheers!
  • ShadyHamster
    This would be handy if it was possible to de-lid the am3+ line up of cpu's.
    I don't think anyone would go to the expense to custom liquid cool an apu.
    But i'm sure someone has done it so feel free to prove me wrong.
  • clonazepam
    De-lid, water cool, and overclock that AMD APU so you can get the max fps at 720p in all games, and some at 1080p.... OR... the money spent on water cooling goes toward a real GPU.... decisions, decisions.... (yes there are exceptions where a real GPU does not fit, I get it)