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EK Water Blocks’ Asus ROG Strix 1080 Ti Water Block Features A New Terminal Block Cover

EK Water Blocks recently revealed its roadmap for GTX 1080 Ti water blocks, which included the Founders Edition followed by custom cards from Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, and EVGA. Today, the company revealed the Asus GTX 1080 Ti water block, and it has an interesting new component on it. 

EK Water Blocks is easily the most active water cooling company around. Seldom a month goes by without a new product announcement from the company. EK Water Blocks likes to stay ahead of the curve with new innovative ideas; sometimes those ideas are functional, such as the rotary terminal blocks the company launched earlier this year. Sometimes the changes are simply cosmetic, such as the addition of the terminal cover that you’ll find on the top of EKWB’s newest GPU block.

The EK-FC1080 GTX Ti Strix is a full cover nickel-plated copper water block that’s offered with a black Acetal top or a clear acrylic top, as is typical of EK Water Blocks. The acrylic top option includes milled holes for 3mm LEDs so you can light up the surface of the block if you wish.

Those features are standard fare for EKWB GPU blocks, but the terminal shroud on the top of the block is something altogether new. It doesn’t appear to offer any material function, but it helps add a little flair to your build. Instead of looking at a rectangular block (or acrylic if you upgrade) terminal block, you get to peer at an aesthetically pleasing shroud with the name of the graphics card listed in bold letters, making it easy for a passersby to identify what hardware you have in your build.

EK Water Blocks is taking pre-orders for the EK-FC1080 GTX Ti Strix water blocks and plans to ship them on Wednesday, April 26, 2017. It's also offering the full cover back plates in black- or nickel-plated. The GPU blocks sell for $150, the black back plates are $27.36, and the nickel-plated back plates cost $44.