How Did No One Think Of This Before? EK Water Blocks Releases Rotary GPU Terminal

EK Water Blocks is no stranger to cooling water components. The 10-year-old water cooling company has slowly established itself as a leader in the water cooling business with products covering the entire range of the market. The company sells all manner of CPU, GPU, and motherboard blocks; pumps, reservoirs, radiators, and fittings; and almost every accessory that you can imagine.

But even though it has a solution for almost every water cooling problem you can think of, the company’s latest innovation has us scratching our heads wondering what else we’ve missed over the years. EKWB released GPU terminal block with a pair of 90-degree rotaries attached to it.

A GPU terminal is the black acetal or clear acrylic block you’ll find attached to the top of an EKWB GPU water block, which allows you to attach standard G1/4 fittings to the block. The GPU terminals include pass-through holes that you must plug before filling the loop. This means that even if you only have one graphics card, you must use four fittings--an inlet, an outlet, and at least two stop plugs--to seal it up.

The EK-FC Terminal Rotary 90° is a somewhat simpler, if slightly less elegant, solution. The terminal upgrade replaces the standard terminal block and features two 90-degree rotaries with G1/4 threads. With the rotary terminal, you need only two fittings to complete the loop.

The EK-FC Terminal Rotary 90° is available now from EKWB’s reseller partners and the EK Webshop for $25. EKWB currently offers the rotary terminal in black; it didn’t say if a nickel-plated version is in the works.

 Kevin Carbotte is a contributing writer for Tom's Hardware who primarily covers VR and AR hardware. He has been writing for us for more than four years. 

  • Rheotome
    I'm sure somebody thought of it, BUT they did not want to take on the extra leak risk associated with a rotary style connector. I'd rather have the extra solid connections than a rotary.
  • JamesSneed
    We have had 90 degree rotary elbows for quite a many years. So I'm not with the author "How Did No One Think Of This Before?" as it just combined a couple pre-existing things. Anyhow it is a nifty and simple design converging a block and 90 degree rotary elbows into one package.
  • beaulieu80
    They should all have those so we could rotate and me things cleaner!
  • cats_Paw
    +1 Rheotome.
    Was my first guess as well.
  • Neviathan
    Rotary connectors with a seal are leak proof even under high pressure, just like the brake lines on a motorcycle for example. Its a really common thing in machines with hydraulics etc
  • Nergo Pthycc
    If only they would include some LED's so that it would glow and rotate.
  • alextheblue
    19467353 said:
    If only they would include some LED's so that it would glow and rotate.
    Temperature-dependent color? With angry red flashing if there is a failure? Hmm... reminds me a bit of an episode of Outlaw Star. "Unable to return fire. Unable to return fire."