EKWB Unveils $449 Waterblock For The Sony PlayStation 5

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EKWB has launched numerous liquid cooling monoblocks for multiple high-end PC motherboards. But who said that only PCs need liquid cooling? This week, the company rolled out a liquid cooling monoblock for Sony's PlayStation 5 game consoles designed to make the system quieter and cooler, literally and figuratively. Yet, it will have to be installed into an mATX PC case.

While game consoles generally aim at mainstream gamers, EKWB's EK-QuantumX CoolingStation Monoblock for PS5 is designed for experienced liquid cooling enthusiasts. To build a liquid-cooled PlayStation 5, users must disassemble their console, extract the PCB, and install it within the monoblock, which is compact enough to fit into a regular mATX chassis.

To ensure comprehensive cooling, the EK-QuantumX CoolingStation Monoblock for PS5 covers all key PlayStation 5 components, including the AMD-designed system-on-chip with Ryzen CPU and Radeon GPU, its voltage regulating module (VRM), 16 GB of GDDR6 memory, various controllers, and even the built-in SSD (which some may deem a controversial decision since true PS5 enthusiasts use third-party SSDs that may not be compatible with the monoblock). For optimal and safe heat transfer, EK suggests using thermal paste for the SoC and thermal pads for other components. 

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Unfortunately, EKWB does not share any details on how liquid cooling affects the temperatures of PS5 components versus stock cooling. It is also unclear whether using a built-in optical disc drive with the liquid-cooled console is possible.

EK-QuantumX CoolingStation Monoblock for PS5 resembles monoblocks for PCs. It has a pair of G1/4″ connectors for integration into a liquid-cooling circuit. It requires a pump to circulate the coolant, a radiator accompanied by fans to expel heat, and interconnecting tubes sold separately. Essentially, users are building a liquid-cooled mATX PC with PlayStation 5 components inside.

To simplify the buildout, the monoblock has an embedded PCB that converts PlayStation's default 2-pin DC plug to dual 8-pin PCIe auxiliary power connectors, meaning users will need a standard ATX PSU to run the unit.

Aesthetically, the base of the monoblock is forged from nickel-plated copper and boasts a transparent acrylic pane. Other embellishments and structural components are fashioned from stainless steel and aluminum. These materials remain separate from the coolant, preventing any undesirable metal interaction.

(Image credit: EKWB)

EKWB believes that its QuantumX CoolingStation Monoblock for PS5 promises to enhance the gaming experience by reducing noise, which could distract from gaming sessions.

EKWB's EK-QuantumX CoolingStation Monoblock for PS5 is not cheap at all. It has a list price of $449/€449 and can be pre-ordered now for delivery in early November.

Anton Shilov
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  • Heat_Fan89
    I have owned Playstation consoles since the late 90's. They are damn near bullet proof. Sony went with Liquid Metal for their CPU thermal compound. For $449 you can currently buy a new PS5 along with a free Sony game if your PS5 failed instead of going with this add-on.
  • punkncat
    Just because you can doesn't always mean you should.

    Someone out there will buy it, silly and wastefully expensive as it is.
  • RayRayy4528
    In 25 years I had one console with a heat issue (guess which one)
  • ajpaolello
    RayRayy4528 said:
    In 25 years I had one console with a heat issue (guess which one)
    Xbox 360?
  • helper800
    Do I think its worth it to use personally? No. Is it cool enough to mess around with and have some fun with friends or family, and potentially getting them into tech? Yeah.
  • EyadSoftwareEngineer
    Ps5 cooling is ver efficient and the console is dead silent too, who buy this nonsense with such cost equals to a whole new console price
  • watzupken
    I would expect this to appeal to hardcore modders since it is quite a fair bit of work to dismantle the PS5, and put it into a MATX case. And yet the same modders would have gone with some sort of custom cooling solution instead of buying an overpriced one like this. Hence, I really wonder who will buy this.