EKWB Water Block Announcement Mentions 'Skylake-E'

EKWB announced the Annihilator EX/EP water block for the Intel LGA 3647 socket. The block features top and side inlets, so it’s compatible with regular and 1U-blade chassis.

It’s not often that we see boutique water-cooling manufacturers dip into the business and enterprise computer market, but that’s exactly what EKWB has done with the Annihilator EX/EP. The massive block is built to cover the equally massive LGA 3647 socket used by Intel’s Purley platform. Because most of these reside in blade servers, the Annihilator has four G1/8” side-entry inlets in addition to two G1/4” top-entry inlets. The main block is nickel-electroplated copper, and the top is acetal.

EKWB’s marketing material mentions, probably by mistake, that the Annihilator is built for a “future generation of Skylake-based Xeon and Skylake-E HEDT CPUs with a larger LGA 3647 socket.” As far as we know, there are no LGA 3647-based high-end desktop (HEDT) processors in the works. Intel uses "HEDT" to denote its highest-end consumer desktop processors, such as those based on LGA 2066 and its predecessors. The last time we heard of anything resembling “Skylake-E” was Skylake-EP, which is the aforementioned Purley platform. The processors currently gracing LGA 2066 are called Skylake-X.

The Annihilator EX/EP is available at EKWB’s website for $160.

  • Vatharian
    You can build your own "HEDT", by utilizing single-socket off-the-shelf LGA 3647 motherboard. You may need to reach for Supermicro, instead of ASUS or ASRock, but hey, it exists, and it works. I have Xeon 6144 (8 cores), and I love it.

    One might argue, it's more 'workstation class', but no one exactly buys Xeon for fun.
  • veniamin
    or buy one full nickel :)