HP Announces Eight New Business Laptops

Just a couple of weeks ago, HP announced a whole host of new consumer products, including hybrids, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Now the company is addressing its business side with the unveiling of eight new systems. The company says its HP EliteBook 800 series is up to 40 percent thinner and 28 percent lighter than previous generations and designed for frequent travelers with an option for up to 33 hours of battery life and MIL-STD 810G certification for business-rugged reliability. There's also the ProBook 600 series and the ProBook 400 series, both of which focus on style and durability.


The EliteBook 800 series is comprised of three notebooks: the 820 G1, the 840 G1 and the 850 G1. The 820 features a 12-inch display, while the 840 and 850 pack 14-inch and 15.6-inch displays, respectively. The entire line comes with Intel's fourth generation Haswell processors and optional LTE and SSD, HDD, or hybrid storage. The 14-inch model also comes with the option for a touchscreen panel. The line still sports the same magnesium alloy chassis with a new slate grey lid and the MIL-STD 810G certification that means any of the EliteBook 800 series laptops can withstand drops up to 30 inches. Pricing for the 800 series starts at $799.


The 600 and 400 series are a little more budget friendly. The former starts at $699 while the latter starts at $499. The ProBook 600 line covers the 14- and 15-inch size categories and uses both AMD and Intel CPUs. The 640 G1 and 650 G1 are both Haswell-powered (14- and 15-inch models) while the 645 G1 and 655 G1 (again, 14- and 15-inch panels, respectively) run on AMD processors and Radeon HD 8000G graphics. The 400 series is a trio of laptops across the 14-inch, 15-inch and 17-inch categories with hybrid storage options, Intel CPUs, optional LTE, and an optional touchscreen. 

No word on a release date for the EliteBook 800 series, while the ProBook 400 series is available now. The ProBook 600 series won't be out until the end of November.

Our friends at LAPTOP already have the hands on! Check out their hands on with the EliteBook 800 and the ProBook 600 and 400 series.

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  • warezme
    At $499 to $799, I doubt there will be anything "elite" about them. This is why there is no mention of specs. Resolution, panel type, CPU, GPU, memory, battery capacity, even ease of upgrade-ability would be an elite feature. HP has a bad habit of making laptops with no user access and closed backs.
  • ethanolson
    I just saw some more detailed info on these. The EliteBooks have options for good displays (instead of the crappy base-models displays) and they all will have excellent drop survival and liquid spillage mitigation... and cost over $1K for what's expected to be the most commonly purchased models.
  • anonymous_user
    Considering these are HP's business-oriented laptops, I would be surprised if they didn't have an open back for easy access to components.