Enermax Turns Up The Heat At Computex


Taipei (Taiwan) - Just when you thought power supplies and fans were boring, Enermax is showing off some pretty hot (literally) gear at this year’s Computex convention in Taipei. If you ever want to run your gaming rig in Iraq, then the Enermax 82 PLUS series of PSUs could be the ticket. According to the company, these babies can run 24/7 without a problem at a sustained 40 Celsius temperature and they proved it by sealing one inside an acrylic case complete with several halogen lights.

The MODU and PRO 82+ power supplies are available in 385 to 625 watt capacities and function at 82 to 88 percent efficiency at 20 to 100% load. Enermax says these PSUs are so efficient that they can usually replace power supplies with much higher wattage ratings. At another display, one 82+ power supply was powering a dual video card system with sixteen hard drives and another was running a dual video, dual processor system.

New fans were also up Enermax’s sleeve. The new Twister series features ’bat-wing’ shaped blades and magnetic screws that allow for instant installation to a metal case. An Enermax rep told us the new fans also have removable blades to allow for easier cleaning. When asked about the price, the rep just said "100", we just hope that’s in Taiwanese Dollars and not American!