(Update: Now Available) Modular Epic Gear Morpha X Mouse Gets Last-Minute Tweaks

Update, 3/21/17, 1:06pm PT: The Morpha X is now available--it was supposed to be on sale on March 14, but it was a week late. In any case, you can get one from Amazon or Newegg. The price is $130. Astoundingly, the ship date on the Amazon listing says: "Usually ships withing 2 to 5 months." The Newegg listing has no such qualifications; it simply says that the mouse is "in stock."

Original article, published 3/9/17, 5am PT:

The modular Morpha X gaming mouse from Epic Gear was supposed to hit stores in February. The company bumped availability back to March 14, but in between when we saw the mouse at CES 2017 and now, Epic Gear added a couple of final details.

Primary among those concerns the RGB lighting. As of January, it was unclear how the lighting would be implemented and whether or not it would have a software component to give you customization options. Now we know that Epic Gear will indeed include configuration software for the lighting, as well as for features such as “angle-snapping, lift-off distance, button assignment, DPI, profiles, and USB report rate, just to name a few,” according to the company.

One unique lighting feature is Away-From-Mouse (AFM) ambient lighting. Epic Gear said that when the mouse is motionless for 20 seconds, the lights under the scroll wheel will start glowing; they’ll shut off (or at least return to whatever state you program it to) when you grab it.

Otherwise, the specifications and feature set appear to be unchanged from what we’ve previously seen.

The Morpha X is unique among other mice in that you can swap out the sensor for a different one. Epic Gear ships the mouse with an optical sensor cartridge and a laser sensor cartridge, and you can pop in one or the other depending on your preference. It also has modular left and right switches--the EG Orange (medium weight) or EG Purple (heavier)--and, again, you can choose which you prefer and insert the module of your choice. It also has an adjustable 20g weight system (4 x 5g weights).

The package will contain the Morpha X mouse in gray, with a white replacement shell; the two sensor cartridges; the Orange and Purple switch cartridges; a switch puller; the four weights; and documentation. And it comes in the “Iron Box,” a metal box designed to help you keep track of all those parts.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Epic Gear MorphaX Gaming Mouse
Sensor/DPI-12,000 DPI IR LED (Up to 250ips tracking speed, 50G acceleration)-8,200 DPI laser (Up to 150ips tracking speed, 30G acceleration)
SwitchesOmron-EG Orange (medium)-EG Purple (pro [heavier])
Onboard StorageUnknown, but likely
Polling Rate125-1,000Hz
Lighting RGB, configurable via software. ambient lighting mode
Buttons7 total, 6 programmable-L/R click-DPI buttons x2-Left side nav buttons x2-Click wheel
Cable1.8m x-braided with gold connector
Dimensions126.5 x 66.5 x 40mm
Weight110g w/o cable or weights, includes four removable 5g weights (total weight 130g)
Misc.-”Ultra swift” large PTFE feet-5 gaming profiles with dedicated LED color assignments-15 macro sets (configurable in software)-Lock-down function-AFM ambient lighting mode-Adjustable lift-off distance (w/ auto calibration) and angle snapping
System Requirements-USB port-50MB free storage space-Windows 7, 8, 10
Warranty2 yrs
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    Now that's a nice mouse
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    Well now I know what the Nyan cat has been chasing all this time. Might I sugest they rename it from "Epic Gear Morpha X Mouse" to "Epic Gear Nyan Mouse". :)-

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