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'EVE: Valkyrie' Getting VR Cross-Platform Support

CCP Games, the developer that created the EVE universe and its respective games, revealed that its flagship VR title, EVE: Valkyrie, will support cross-platform multiplayer later this year.


CCP recently revealed that EVE: Valkyrie on PC is not actually a Rift exclusive (which was the company line as recently as CES). It is actually a timed exclusive for Oculus Rift. The game will launch for Steam VR (Vive) later is year. We’ve also known for a while that EVE: Valkyrie is set to be a launch title on the PSVR system when it reaches consumers in October.

In other words, you’ll be able to play against everyone that owns EVE: Valkyrie, regardless of which version of the game you are playing, or which headset you have on your head.

Gameplay Expansion

The first (free) expansion, Carrier Assault, has also been revealed, and the gameplay trailer is sure to excite fans of the game. Carrier Assault gives you and your teammates a mission to take down the shields and turrets of a massive carrier ship. Once the ship's defenses are lowered, you have to fly into the carrier and blow up its core. It appears to be a worthy follow up to the action-packed space dog-fighting game. 

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