EVGA Brings a Bunch of New PSUs to Computex 2019

Photo Source: Tom's Hardware

EVGA introduced new power supply units in the GD, G5, G7, and P3 product lines at Computex 2019. The units cover everything from budget models to high-end products and, when that's combined with their varying footprints, they should be able to squeeze in to a wide variety of systems.

The new GD line consists of affordable models featuring 80 PLUS Gold efficiency, five years of warranty, DC-DC converters for the generation of the minor rails and a semi-modular cable design. The original manufacturer (OEM) is FSP.

Photo Source: Tom's Hardware

The GA models are made by Andyson and they are also Gold certified. Those power supplies are fully modular and use Japanese caps along with 135mm double ball-bearing fans. This is why, at 10 years, the provided warranty is double that of the GD models.

Photo Source: Tom's Hardware

The G5 units use a new Super Flower platform which is 80 PLUS Gold certified. All cables are modular and the FDB fan measures 135mm across. A semi-passive mode makes sure that the noise output is kept low under light loads, while the provided warranty is 10 years long.

The G7 units are similar to their G5 counterparts, with one major difference, which is the smaller footprint. Because of the compact dimensions, a smaller, 120mm FDB fan had to be used.

Photo Source: Tom's Hardware

The new P3 line lists 80 PLUS Platinum certified models made by Super Flower. The dimensions are small, so EVGA had to use a 130mm HDB fan. All capacitors are provided by Japanese manufacturers and the provided warranty reaches 10 years.

None of the above models have been certified by Cybenetics, so we don't know their performance or noise output levels. EVGA didn't reveal a release date for any of the PSUs, either, nor did it say how much the units would cost when they do make it to market.

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