EVGA Demos Keyboard, ACX GTX Titan Z Prototypes

Editor's Note: While Computex took place last week and all of the news announcements are behind us, we're still sorting through hundreds of in-person meetings and demonstrations, picking out just a few more of the most interesting items we saw up close.

EVGA did not have a booth on the Computex floor, although it did have a suite in the Grand Hyatt hotel in Taipei. There, it had on display a number of products, including two prototypes: a new keyboard and a GTX Titan Z, cooled with an ACX air cooler.

The keyboard was simply a mock-up, not a functioning model. It is the company's first attempt at a keyboard, and one of the representatives hadn't even seen the keyboard until that same morning. The keyboard will be mechanical, although the company already has a number of changes planned, specifically to the volume knobs and key text. Do you have any other suggestions for what should be changed?

Moving on, the company also had a GTX Titan Z on display with an ACX cooler mounted to it. Of course, this cooler would be sold separately from the Titan Z, as Nvidia restricts the AIBs from mounting different coolers on the Titan series of cards. This ACX cooler would require a two-slot card, and EVGA would also include a new I/O bracket to ensure that it doesn't unnecessarily occupy three slots anyway.

Both products are still very much in the prototype phase, though, and we were informed that EVGA wasn't sure whether they would even come to the market. Time will tell the real story, so stay tuned.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

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