EVGA Shows Off X99 Motherboard and Titanium Power

EVGA rejoined the marketing games of top motherboard venders with a visual preview of an X99 motherboard. For those who haven't been following rumors over the past six months, that's the DDR4-mandated, quad-channel supporting Haswell-E platform. And for those who don't even know what a Haswell-E is, EVGA also showed some relatively-fresh Z97 parts.

We expect Intel to launch X99 in September, and EVGA is betting on its ability to run the new CPU from day one.

Closer to fruition is the firm's 1600W power supply line. Topped by the 80-PLUS Titanium rated 1600 T2, Platinum-rated (P2-model) and Gold-rated (G2-model) samples were on hand as well. EVGA expects to ship these in June or July.

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