Razer Releases Tiny, Little Portable Speakers

Razer, once just a maker of gaming mice, is now making all sorts of things. We needn't remind you of the Switchblade that we saw at CES, but this week Razer unveiled that it's getting into audio too.

While most gamers on the go would probably opt for headphones, Razer has a $60 solution for those who would rather fill the air with audio. It's called the Ferox.

"The Razer Ferox is our sophisticated, modern day boombox for gamers," said Robert Krakoff, president, Razer USA. "Its sleek and compact structure takes up minimal space but delivers the crystal clear sound quality perfect for gaming on-the-go or for music playback wherever you’re at."

The Razer Ferox features a 360-degree omni-directional design, giving a much wider listening sweet spot than front-facing speakers. One cool thing is that each speaker has a chamber that rises upon a single press to power up.

Given that portable means remote power, the Ferox has 12 hours of rechargeable battery life and comes with a carrying case.

The Ferox is available this month and is priced at $59.99 or €59.99.

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  • snoogins
    While the design looks nice, it won't really out-do headphones for gaming on the go.
  • lashabane
    The title seems a bit redundant.
  • amk09
    I don't like the idea of 360 degree sound...