QOTD: How Would You Change Your Browser?

In the last week we've seen the Firefox design team propose a few changes to the layout of the browser. In Firefox 3.7 we may see a prettier, translucent look with cues taken from Google Chrome.

Today we saw mockups of what Firefox 4.0 could look like, which takes things further by playing with optimal tab placement.

Many of us have a favorite browser for a reason, be it speed, design, compatibility, availability of plug-ins, or maybe it just came with your OS. But no browser is perfect, which is why there are continual updates.

What we'd like to hear about from you today is: How would you change your favorite web browser?

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  • burnley14
    If you could make the top toolbars smaller/disappear, thus maximizing browser screen area, that would be ideal.
  • KMBaron
    IE is my browser of choice, just cause i like the way it's all layed out. While the other browsers are nice, i have and do use them all to make sure i am not missing something. But microsoft does not update IE often. Sure they do on security updates. But the important big chances or tweaks only happen every few years with a new version number. They need to put more effort into this. Maybe if they appeared to care more they would retain and maybe gain markey share.
  • kyeana
    fix all the bugs in opera 10 and bring it out of beta ;)