'For Honor' Hosts Frost Wind Festival Event This Thursday

For Honor is getting into the holiday spirit with the arrival of the Frost Wind Festival, a wintry-themed event scheduled to begin Dec. 21, lasting through Jan. 4, 2018. For Honor players on all platforms can participate during the event, and it will unlock a new 2v2 Brawl mode called Ice Brawlers that will pit players against one another atop a lake coated with a thin sheet of ice. Both players must avoid falling into the icy waters as the ice splits during combat, making for a pretty tense dueling situation. It certainly sounds a lot more cutthroat than Overwatch's winter-themed Yeti Hunt mode, where five Mei players team up to stop one Winston dressed up in his “Yeti” skin.

A cavalcade of new outfits, weapons, emotes, mood effects, and other cosmetic items will be given out during the event, so you can be sure your heroes look the part when you’re battling it out. You can also pick up a new Mask outfit, depending on which faction you belong to, for 15,000 Still per hero. If that doesn’t suit you, starting on December 28, you can pick up a special bundle of special winter-themed cosmetic items that will change based on the items you own.

The Frost Wind Festival launch trailer shows off a selection of the frozen tundras and forests that will transform the game into a veritable winter wonderland... at least if a “winter wonderland” included heroes bludgeoning each other to death.

For Honor is still in the middle of receiving new content; Ubisoft promised the game would be back in July, with seven months’ worth of updates, modifications, and other augments to keep players happy. Among these changes have been dedicated servers, new maps and heroes, a new Reputation level cap, and more. The game’s Season IV updates are going on now and all the way through Feb. 2018.