Foxconn Introduces 'Green' Motherboard

Foxconn has announced its second board in its ‘Green Series’ line up. Based on Intel’s G45 chipset, the G45MG is said to offer many new power management capabilities to reduce overall power consumption without impacting system performance.

The G45MG includes the Intel X4500HD integrated graphics core and supports the latest Core 2 Quad and Dual Core processors, which makes the board Blu-ray and HD DVD ready out of the box.

Foxconn’s new 3G technology apparently can reduce typical power consumption by up to 68 percent. Designed to work along with its GPS300AB Green Series PSU, the board can cut power consumption dynamically based on load.

3G Technologies comprise of GPS (Green Power Saving), GoD (Green on Demand) and GSM (Green System Mode). (Wow, it is starting to sound like Foxconn is about to run themselves into an issue with cellular companies using terms like 3G, GPS, GSM.)

GPS reduces power consumption in standby or ‘power off’ mode by nearly 99.4 percent by combining with the Green Series GPS 300AB power supply.

GPS300AB can achieve at least a minimum of 80 percent efficiency under any condition. It also delivers power savings by operating with a higher efficiency under heavy and low loading.

GoD technology intelligently manages the multi-phase power distribution on the motherboard. This reduces the number of power phases in operation during low-loading periods. Phases are increased for heavy-loading periods.

GSM combines a number of BIOS and system settings to further enhance energy efficiency in all usage states. Allowing for fine tuning of power saving / providing features.

Target audiences that would benefit the most from this technology would be large office environment where there are a lot of computers – such as call centers. Couple the features of this board with 500 or more desktops and you instantly start saving money.

  • Pei-chen
    Considering Foxconn is an OEM company I expect to see this technology in a lot of name brand computers.
  • jaragon13
    I hope I see these kind of boards used in Dell,but I know they're gonna have some proprietary gay ass BTX board.

    Unfortunately,I suspect the Foxconn PSU is gonna suck ass for e-retail buyers,and will only be 300 watts total,correct?
  • timaahhh
    Thats prolly right. I have done many builds with Foxconn cases, PSU bundles. They are one of the few decent bundles. When the company I worked with built with them they were very stable.
  • KyleSTL
    Market claims and no tests of this new 'technology' looks an awful lot like an add, Tom's. Instead of statements like, "Foxconn claims it's new ..." we're reading: "Foxconn’s new 3G technology ..."

    Sad state of affairs.
  • Master Exon
    "G45MG is said to offer many new power management capabilities"

    "Foxconn’s new 3G technology apparently can reduce typical power"

    Then the article tells you what GPS GoD and GSM are.