Fractal Design Unveils Focus G Series Cases

Fractal Design launched two new cases under the banner of its new Focus G series. The Focus G is a standard ATX mid-tower, whereas the Focus G Mini features a more compact footprint and is intended for Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX builds. Although both models will be offered in black, the larger Focus G will also be offered in white, Gunmetal Gray, Mystic Red, and Petrol Blue. This multiple color option is a first for Fractal Design.

Both models share numerous key features, such as a large side panel window, removeable and vibration dampened storage drive bays, removable dust filters, and two front-mounted Fractal Design Silent Series LL 120mm LED fans.

Speaking of fans, both models have a total of six 120mm fan mounts, four of which can also hold 140mm fans. (The Focus G Mini has three). They also both have extensive liquid cooling support, with radiator mounts in the front, rear, and the top of the cases. Those more interested in air cooling will be able to fit a heatsink that is up to 165mm tall, which means just about any heatsink on the market will do.

Both models can also handle graphics cards up to 380mm long, and power supply depth is limited to an above average 230mm. The other similarity is that both models are going to retail for $49.99 USD, which places them firmly in the competitive budget case market.

We have no word on availability, but sometime after Computex is a good bet.

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Fractal Design Focus G Series
ModelFocus GFocus G Mini
Motherboard SizeATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITXMicro-ATX, Mini-ITX
Drive BaysExternal--
Internal2 × 2.5" or 3.5" and 1 × 2.5"2 × 2.5" or 3.5" and 1 × 2.5"
AIB BaysInternal7, up to 380 mm cards are supported4, up to 380 mm cards are supported
CoolingFront2 × 120 mm or 2 × 140 mm2 × 120 mm or 1 × 140 mm
Rear1 × 120 mm1 × 120 mm
Top2 × 120 mm or 2 × 140 mm2 × 120 mm or 2 × 140 mm
Bottom1 × 120 mm1 × 120 mm
Radiator SupportFront1 × 120/240 mm or 140/280 mm1 × 120/240 mm or 140 mm
Rear1 × 120 mm1 × 120 mm
Top1 × 240 mm1 × 240 mm
I/O Port1 × USB 2.01 × USB 3.01 × Headphone1 × Mic1 × USB 2.01 × USB 3.01 × Headphone1 × Mic
Power Supply SizeUp to 230 mmUp to 230 mm
ColorsMultiple colorsBlack
FeaturesLarge side window panelLarge side window panel

 Patrick MacMillan wrote this report.

  • munizj1
    No glass no thanks.
  • envy14tpe
    Fractal is kind of stuck in old design...double DVD drives and non glass windows.
  • compprob237
    The mesh filter on the bottom will be a pain to deal with. I would have hoped they would have implemented a Mesh tray like they have on most of their cases. One that could easily be taken off from the front of the case.

    Otherwise, for how much they're asking it's not too bad of a case. Although, in my opinion you'd be much better served shelling out an additional $20 for the Define S (W/window).
  • 10tacle
    I like the fact that they have kept two intake fans and two optical media drive bays on the Mini version (yes, many of us still use Blu-Rays for movies).
  • bit_user
    I kinda like it, but I'd either take no window or glass. And the LED fans would obviously get replaced.