Fujitsu Launches 500 GB Notebook Hard Drives – Full Drive Encryption

With the ever increasing demand for more storage by users that are always on-the-go, Fujitsu launches a set of hard drives at half of a terabyte (500 GB).

Along with the drives physical storage size, which is nothing short of impressive, Fujitsu also claims the World’s largest drive with the Green Policy Innovation Program – Also AES 256-bit Full Disk Encryption. Effectively offering the largest drive while offering security as well.

Quoting Mario Apicella, Director of Technology and Product Validation Services:

End users are looking for reliable hard drives with the highest possible capacity, and these new drives from Fujitsu respond to those customer requirements. In addition, the new models have very low power consumption and are manufactured with a green emphasis, which together with an unsurpassed 256-bit AES encryption capability sets a great example for the industry.

The new drive series from Fujitsu is also the first set to be halogen-free and comply with the RoHS directive – effectively reducing the use of hazardous substances in electronic equipment. The MJA2 BH and CH models both offer a read/write power consumption of 1.4W (SATA 3.0GB/sec), which is a reduction of nearly 33 percent from previous generation drive models.

Other features are also present, such as, higher resistance to operating shock, which reduces damage from accidental handling – something that is definitely paramount in the mobile computing realm. Also a near 27 percent increase of internal transfer rates to improve overall system performance.

Quoting Fujitsu Senior Vice President of Sales and Corporate Marketing Group, Lorne Wilson:

We are excited to bring to market a series of hard drives that not only provide tremendous storage capacity, but also minimize environmental impact. This new series will also be an ideal solution for customers that require an extremely secure, high capacity storage solution.

Hopefully Tom’s will be able to get one of these for review in the near future. The storage capacity is great, but the rest of the features also make it an attractive solution – we just need to put it to work to get the ultimate answer.

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  • joex444
    Well, this is clearly superior to Seagate's 500GB with 128bit AES that THG announced yesterday.

    Fujitsu also claimed the encryption would come at no loss of performance to the end user. The shock resistance increased from 300G to 350G.

    The 27% increase in transfer rate sounds like a narrowly focused benchmark, so I look forward to actual reviews.