G.Skill Announces Ripjaws Mechanical Gaming Keyboards With RGB Switches

G.Skill announced that its Ripjaws series of mechanical keyboards will be coming to market soon -- namely, the KM780 RGB and KM780 MX devices.

Like many mechanical keyboards on the market, these new keyboards use Cherry switches. The only real difference between the KM780 RGB and KM780 MX is that the former uses Cherry's RGB switches and RGB backlighting. Initially, the KM780 RGB will be available with Cherry MX RGB Brown and Cherry MX RGB Red switches. Similarly, the cheaper KM780 MX keyboard will be available with Cherry MX Brown and Cherry MX Red switches.

Both keyboards will be available later with Cherry MX Blue switches.

These switches are rated at 50 million keystrokes, and last longer than conventional switches used on keyboards. For additional durability, G.Skill used a 2 mm-thick aluminum plate on top of the keyboards.

As a customization feature, the keyboards include replaceable keycaps with a puller tool, all inside of a handy storage case.

The keyboard supports a wide range of extra function buttons. On the top-right corner of the keyboard are five keys for controlling the media programs, as well as a roller that can control the audio. Below the switches is an LED volume display to make checking audio systems easier.

On the left side of the keyboard are six programmable macro keys. Directly above the programmable keys are seven additional keys, three of which are hotkeys (Windows lock, brightness, and timer), and the other four are easy-access keys that allow you to change keyboard layouts on the fly.

As a small extra feature, the keyboard has a mouse cable holder, which helps to keep your cables together and organized.

The first two of these keyboards, with Cherry Brown switches, are already out now, with the KM 780 RGB available for $159.99, and the KM780 MX available for $119.99. The keyboards with Cherry Red switches are expected to come out some time later this month, while the Cherry Blue versions will not be available until later.

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  • jimmysmitty
    16632937 said:
    So expensive..... My CMStorm with Cherry Brown switches is still going strong (got it for <$50). There must be a whole lotta markup on these "high end" keyboards right now.

    Most do have markup but it also depends on a lot of factors. Such as the Corsair K70/95 RGB which not only have the Cherry MX brown/Red switches but are RGB and the build of the keyboard is excellent. Personally I love the aluminum build to them over the standard plastic build of a lot of other keyboards.
  • TronX33
    Finally, a Cherry RGB keyboard with Blue switches! I couldn't get those rare blue k70s, and finally, my dreams are fulfilled!
  • bloodroses
    If you're a typist, once to go to cherry blue switches, it is so hard to go back. I had gotten a rosewill keyboard with blues at a very good price; been completely happy with it. If it dies on me, my next keyboard will have blues as well.
  • Cons29
    everybody is going the mech keyboard road now. still happy with my ducky.
    will probably keep this for a good while
  • xaero1ne
    that is a really nice board. if i didnt already have a razer blackwindow i would definitely consider this.
  • Gallahger
    I think it's great that GSkill is hopping on the mechanical keyboard train, but why just one huge size to choose from? More companies should be making compact keyboards, in my opinion.
  • aschoneveld
    Which ever company makes an rgb keyboard that is cherry browy with cherry red 'WSAS' keys is going to make a ton of money...