Galax Intros RTX 3060 Ti G6X Hof Pro With Triple-Fan Design

Galax RTX 3060 Ti G6X HoF Pro
(Image credit: Galax)

Galax unexpectedly released a new mid-range part in its Hall of Fame graphics card lineup, the RTX 3060 Ti G6X HoF Pro. Interestingly, this new release marks the Hall of Fame brand's first entry into the mid-range segment since the GTX 1060. The RTX 3060 Ti G6X HoF Pro seemingly goes overboard with its cooling and power delivery setup, but this GPU could be your cup of tea if you are a fan of the brand or a hardcore overclocker. 

As is customary for Hall of Fame GPU products, this RTX 3060 Ti G6X model comes with a mammoth triple fan solution designed to cool well over the GPU's reference 200W thermal target. The cooler measures just over two slots in thickness and 319mm in length, making it one of the largest RTX 3060 Ti's we've seen so far. In addition, the shroud sits quite high above the card's PCB, allowing the three fans to push air easily out of the sides of the card.

The card features a white PCB, white fans, and even a white PCB to match. The only non-illuminated colors you'll find on the GPU are black and blue, accenting the card's white shroud.

The blue accents come from four slats circling the central fan on four sides. They are accompanied by black sticks on each fan, featuring the HoF logo. But, the card can change its color theme very quickly, thanks to an RGB-illuminated central fan and an RGB-illuminated Hall of Fame banner on the card's side.

Unfortunately, Galax neglected to share details on the card's power delivery setup or much of the cooling system. Other than the fact it uses 6mm nickel-plated composited heat pipes. But, the card does come with a greatly increased 260W power target by default, which is 60W greater than the card's reference specs.

We also expect the card to reach even greater power targets if you head into overclocking software and push the power limit slider as high as it can. Reinforcing the card's high power limit are dual 8-pin supplementary power connectors instead of one 8-in or a single 8-pin and single 6-pin combo - as seen on other AIB partner cards.

Backing up the card's high power consumption is the card's default clock speed which comes at a whooping 1800MHz, making it one of the highest clocked 3060 Ti's on the market. Not to mention the GDDR6X model that comes with significantly faster 19Gbps memory modules (vs. 14Gbps on the standard 3060 Ti).

Unfortunately, we don't know what pricing will be like, but undoubtedly this will be both the fastest and one of the most expensive RTX 3060 Ti models you can buy.

Aaron Klotz
Contributing Writer

Aaron Klotz is a contributing writer for Tom’s Hardware, covering news related to computer hardware such as CPUs, and graphics cards.

  • blacknemesist
    A worthy competitors for "value almost void" challenge that the 4080 is currently winning :)
  • Exploding PSU
    I remember GALAX had a HOF edition of their GTX 970, if you can call the 970 as "midrange". I wanted one, but the price was way too high compared to other brands. I ended up picking a Gigabyte instead. Back then, white GPU were quite rare, so the HOF really stood out.