EKWB, Galaxy Make Water-Cooled 780 Ti HOF V20

Galaxy's Hall of Fame series of graphics cards are the company's all-white, factory-overclocked cards with higher build quality. The company has never made a water-cooled graphics card, though. Now EKWB has collaborated with Galaxy to make the Galaxy GeForce GTX 780 Ti HOF V20.

This graphics card comes with a water block that follows typical EKWB design cues, and as such it covers the GPU, the memory, and the VRM circuitry. It is also made with a high-flow design, so it will work well with weaker pumps or longer, more complex loops.

On Galaxy's end, the card comes with a very high-end 16+3 phase VRM circuit, which is stable enough to bring the GPU aboard up to frequencies of 1085 MHz base, with an 1150 MHz GPU boost speed. Granted, you still need to ensure you have enough cooling power in your loop to dissipate the heat, but anyone considering this card will surely know what they are doing in that regard.

This package only brings you the graphics card with the water block. You will still need a separate water loop to hook it up to.

"The GALAXY GeForce GTX 780 Ti HOF V20 is a monster in terms of performance and overclock ability. We wanted a water cooling solution that allows the card to perform at its best even without extreme cooling such as LN2," said Edward Chow, GALAXY Product and Marketing Manager. "EK, with its expertise on water cooling design, provides exactly what we want."

Interested in this card? Perhaps also take a look at the prototypes for the white Asus TUF series motherboards. Combine that with this graphics card, along with a white enclosure with a windowed side panel, and you could build a unique system.

No word on pricing or availability just yet, though we've reached out to Galaxy for more information.

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  • tom10167
    Mother of God that is the best silicon job I've ever seen
  • jasonelmore
    Man they really are milking Keplar. How many years has it been? 4?
  • Optimus_Toaster
    Kepler has been out for 2 and a bit years. Not much longer than fermi. Kepler has nowhere left to go apart from gtx 790 so they are refining existing products. We are just waiting for TSMC to improve yields on 20nm chips.