GeIL Evo X II AMD Edition RAM Will Arrive Ryzen 3000-Optimized

GeIL has unveiled today its new Evo X II DDR4 memory kits, which will come in standard, AMD Ryzen 3000-optimized and ROG-certified versions.

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There's not much to differentiate the upcoming Evo X II memory modules in terms of aesthetics. The memory modules are available in black or white colors (or as GeIL call them "Stealth Black" and "Frost White"). They feature the same tall heatsink with a RGB-lit light bar as the predecessor. The RGB lighting is compatible with ASRock, Asus, Gigabyte and MSI motherboards.

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Product LineFrequencyCapacityLatencyVoltage
Evo X II DDR4-2400 - DDR4-41334GB - 64GBCL16 - CL221.20V - 1.40V
Evo X II AMD EditionDDR4-2400 - DDR4-40004GB - 32GBCL16 - CL221.20V - 1.40V
Evo X II ROG-CertifiedDDR4-3000 - DDR4-360016GB - 32GBCL15 - CL181.35V

The main Evo X II product line offers memory kits rated from 2,400 MHz to 4,133 MHz with CAS latency timings ranging between CL16 and CL22. Capacity tops out at 64GB and operating voltages vary between 1.20V and 1.40V.

The Evo X II AMD Edition kits are optimized for the latest Ryzen 3000-series processors. The memory sticks available in "Gunmetal Gray" or "Frost White." The kits start at DDR4-2400 and go up to DDR4-4000 with capacities up to 32GB. The CAS latency timings for the AMD Edition kits are rated between CL12 and CL22, and operating voltages start from 1.20V to 1.40V.

(Image credit: GeIL)

Lastly, the Evo X II ROG-Certified kits come in "Gunmetal Gray" with a space pattern to blend in with Asus' ROG motherboards. The memory kits start from DDR4-3000 to DDR4-3600. You can find them with capacities up to 32GB with CAS latency configured between CL15 and CL18. All Evo X II ROG-Certified kits run at 1.35V.

Regardless of the branding, all of GeIL's Evo X II memory modules come with XMP 2.0 profiles for easy and quick setup. GeIL backs the kits with a limited lifetime warranty.

GeIL hasn't revealed pricing or availability for these new Evo X II RAM kits. 

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