Nvidia Planning a Dual-GF106 GPU GeForce SLI?

We observed from our own experiences from the Nvidia GeForce GTS 450 that the GF106 chip is quite formidable for the price – and the performance scales superlatively when paired with a twin GPU.

Now there's speculation that Nvidia could be plotting on releasing a dual-GF106 video card later this year. KitGutu said that it has data sheets on two GTS 450 cards, one rated at 75W and the second at 150W. Nvidia also listed two different GTS 450 cards in its driver.

While that's hardly conclusive evidence, it's certainly a nice hint that there could be a card coming for those who crave as many Nvidia GPUs possible in a system.

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  • thesmokingman14
    But, at $129 for 1 gpu and probably around $240 for the dual version, it would be cheaper and easier to just purchase a GTX 460. At the very least, even if they are priced the same, one would not gain very much. So, WHAT'S THE POINT!?!
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  • apache_lives
    could this be a budget dual-gpu card?

    either that or 150w is a super-overclocked version of the card...
  • styrkes
    So in 5 years time a mainstream computer will have a 20-core cpu and a hexa-gpu
  • FireBean
    Well color me pink, and spank me happy. That would be nice to see on the market. A budget dual GPU card that's nice and fast that doesn't need a nVidia chipset for us AMD owners...