First Look: Gigabyte's Secret Aivia Xenon

The multi-touch mouse isn't scheduled to launch until tomorrow at one of Gigabyte's unveiling parties, but we managed to get some play time with one of the first samples. We were also told by our contact window that the mouse we see here, may end up looking slightly different when it actually goes on sale.

The mouse itself has a single surface with left and right click actions, but this isn't the selling point. The mouse can be switched into several different modes, from multi-touch trackpad, to presentation mode, and then a painting-pad.

In multi-touch mousing mode, the Aivia Xenon recognizes horizontal and vertical scrolling, as well as zoom gestures. When switched into trackpad mode, you can actually use the entire surface to control the cursor. Presentation mode acts like a laser pointer. Users move a red-dot around the screen and can even draw shapes to highlight areas.

The Aivia Xenon is also DPI adjustable.

No pricing details were given to us.

  • Nothing about this makes it a gaming mouse.. its a business/design mouse.
  • applegetsmelaid
  • proton9
  • toddybody
  • jaghpanther
    I'm with Krawler on this one. Also, I've dropped my mice plenty of times, I'm leery of that touch surface.
  • tntom
    Track pad functionality would be going in reverse. Looks expensive and uncomfortable to use as a regular mouse. Likely much cheaper than a touch display though.
  • Horhe
    toddybodyGay.True, true.
  • molo9000
    Multitouch gestures are great, but this thing doesn't look very ergonomic.
    + it's going to have the same problem as Apple Magic Mouse: Awkward right click. Some people like it, some don't.
  • Looks uncomfortable. A fish might be able to use it with their flat fins, but never seen a fish use a computer :P
  • rohitbaran
    That screen is so flat. Won't it be rather unergonomic?