Gigabyte Intros Aivia Uranium Wireless Gaming Mouse

Gigabyte has introduced the Aivia Uranium, a wireless PC gaming mouse that comes packed with a wireless receiver sporting an OLED monochrome screen, which provides dynamic information like the current DPI setting, the status of the battery charge, gaming profiles, the current wireless frequency and more. This display can even be used to customize macros on the mouse.

"GHOST Macro Station guarantees to provide high-speed macro reading and editing ability via wireless transmission," reads the company's press release. "The live setup system enables you to re-assign macro hotkeys and pre-set the DPI value for each on-the-fly adjustment to meet the present in-game situation without leave- your game."

The specs reveal a twin-eye laser sensor tracking system, a report rate of 1000 Hz, a 1 ms response time, a maximum tracking speed of 150 inches per second, and a maximum acceleration of 50G. The device provides a DPI switch for changing the sensitivity on the fly, a four-directional tilt wheel, and four side buttons, totaling 10 programmable buttons overall. The switch life of the Left and Right click buttons is 10 million times.

"Gigabyte innovatively moves the onboard memory and macro engine to the GHOST Macro Station," reads the company's press release. "Powered by 2 AA NiMH rechargeable batteries, Aivia Uranium supports continuous battery life of over 50hrs in the wireless game plays. For times you actually run out the batteries, simply pull out the charging cable for instant power supply. You can still use the mouse while charging."

Gigabyte's press release said that the GHOST Macro Station handles key-mapping to the mouse without the need to install an application. The DPI adjustable switch also has four settings – 800, 1600, 3200 and 5600 – with 4-stage Led indicators; the 6500 setting is accomplished via software. The GHOST macro engine, which features an intuitive interface, allows users to pre-define and switch between keys or buttons easily to match the latest PC gaming titles.

For more information about Gigabytes new PC gaming mouse, head here.

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  • meowmix44
    Gigabyte....You guys are interresting...
  • Shankovich
    Love the ideas Gigabyte comes up with and their willingness to try new things AND sell them. Wouldn't mind seeing some tests done on its latency.
  • Nickolas van Wingerden
    Wish somebody would copy microsoft's sidewinder x8 side buttons. Until then, I'll stick with my x8.