Gigabyte Gaming Chair Comes Straight From The Dark Side

Gigabyte's inflatable chair
(Image credit: Gigabyte)

This chair would be right at home in Darth Vader's meditation chamber. Gigabyte’s German-language Twitter account appears to have leaked the product of the century: an inflatable gaming chair surely styled by the Dark Lord of the Sith himself.

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Vader’s segue from planetary destruction to interior design does not appear to have blunted his signature style, and the use of black with silver accents continues. The chair is bedecked with Aorus branding and what appears to be a flock material for seating area comfort. We're going to go out on a limb here and guess that this chair is probably not going to make it onto our list of the best gaming chairs. It seems geared toward console gaming--or pool parties.

The shiny inflatable heavy-duty plastic may be easy to wipe-clean, but it’s unlikely to put up much resistance should a lightsaber ignite accidentally or a smuggler shoot first. Gigabyte_DE’s tweet was followed by another made up solely of hashtags, and no other information has been released in the hours since. Assuming Vader does not alter the deal further, all we know is that Gigabyte has at least one shiny black inflatable chair, and it wants us all to know about it.

Ian Evenden
Freelance News Writer

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