Gigabyte Flagship Aorus RX 6700XT Elite Takes Flight

Aorus RX 6700XT Elite
(Image credit: Gigabyte)

The Aorus RX 6700XT Elite is Gigabyte's new flagship model for the newly released RX 6700XT GPU from AMD. The Elite is equipped with a triple-fan cooling system, ring RGB lighting behind the fans, and is the largest 6700XT you can buy from Gigabyte at this time. Perrhaps this card will help secure a spot for the 6700XT to be one of the best graphics cards of 2021--not that you're likely to be able to find one in stock.

For specs, the Elite features a Game Clock of 2548 MHz, along with a boost clock of 2622 MHz. Due to AMD's newer GPU boosting algorithm, you will probably be seeing frequencies higher than 2622 MHz if there is extra cooling and power headroom to spare (which there should be).

For display outputs, the card features dual DisplayPort 1.4a  and two HDMI 2.1 ports. For power, the card requires a single 8-pin and one 6-pin connection, and Gigabyte recommends a PSU wattage of 650W. The card measures 267mm long, 110mm wide, and 40mm tall.

For cooling, the 6700XT Elite is equipped with Gigabyte's well-known Windforce 3X cooling system. The card comes with 80mm fans, with the center fan spinning in the opposite direction of the outer fans, to aid in airflow efficiency. Gigabyte uses a graphene nano lubricant on the fans, which the company says can improve fan lifespan by 2.1x compared a double ball bearing design.

Regarding aesthetics, Gigabyte went with a "Neonpunk" theme, featuring a black metal finish for both the shroud and backplate. To finish the look, Gigabyte equipped the card with a ring of RGB lights around each fan housing, plus an RGB-lit AORUS logo to the side. This design should make the Elite very color neutral, allowing the card to fit in a number of color-themed PC builds.

We don't have a price yet for the RX 6700XT Aorus Elite, but you can be sure you'll be shelling out way over sticker price once this card gets into the hands of retailers. As of right now, the GPU shortage continues to be a problem and there doesn't appear to have an end in sight. The battle with the bots and shortages continues.

Aaron Klotz
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  • REyton
    "Gigabyte Flagship Aorus RX 6700XT Elite Takes Flight"
    To where??? Into the mine! :D
    It will light up nicely in the mine at least!!! Greedy miners will buy every single GPU...there is no chance to get one.
  • Ninjago97
    I know it's not a helpful thing to say, but why are new GPU's even reviewed when they are made from unobtanium for the foreseeable future.