Gigabyte's 'Brix Extreme' Alder Lake NUCs Come with TB, 2.5GbE, Wi-Fi 6E

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Gigabyte has introduced its new generation small form-factor Brix Extreme desktops powered by Intel's 12th Generation 'Alder Lake' processors. The new NUCs are aimed at a broad audience and are packed with features and connectivity to meet the demands of the various use cases. As a result, the Brix Extreme can serve as an office work horse, a casual gaming machine, or as an HTPC. 

Gigabyte's 2022 Brix Extreme systems are based around Intel's 'mobile' 12th Generation Core 'Alder Lake' processors (Alder Lake-P series with up to four performance cores and eight energy-efficient cores) equipped with an Iris Xe integrated GPU with up to 96 execution units (EUs). To ensure that the processor works reliably and predictably, it is cooled-down using Gigabyte's Hydro-Cooling system, though the company does not disclose many details about this part for now — the only thing we know is that it has a noise level of up to a 35 dBa. The CPU is paired with up to 64GB of DDR4-3200 memory and an M.2-2280 SSD featuring a PCIe 4.0 interface.

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One of the key selling points of Gigabyte's Brix Extreme is its rich connectivity options. The system comes with a 2.5 GbE port, a Wi-Fi 6E + Bluetooth adaptor, four display outputs (two HDMI 2.1, one mini DisplayPort, one USB-C/Thunderbolt), three USB 3 USB Type-A ports on the front, one USB-C port on the front, two USB 2.0 Type-A on the back, and one Thunderbolt/USB-C connector on the back that also carries DisplayPort signal. The unit also has a 3.5-mm audio port for headsets on the front. 

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With such connectivity, Gigabyte's Brix Extreme can be useful for professionals with up to four displays or as a home theater personal computer (HTPC), though keep in mind that Alder Lake's HDMI 2.1 implementation does not support 8Kp60 resolution, so to handle next-generation 8K monitors one will need to use a DisplayPort 1.4 connection. 

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It is worth noting that Gigabyte plans to offer slim and tall version of its 2022 Brix Extreme SFF PCs. The slim variant measures 134 × 139 × 44 mm, whereas the tall variant is obviously a bit taller, to accommodate a 2.5-inch bay for a hard drive or an SSD for those who need some extra capacity. Also, Gigabyte offers an upgrade kit that adds a second LAN port, an RS232 connector, and an M.2-2280 slot. The upgrade kit is evidently aimed primarily at corporate users who tend to have two networks. 

Gigabyte will start shipping its Brix Extreme systems in the second quarter. Exact configurations and prices are set to be revealed at launch.

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  • tek-check
    Alder Lake iGP do not support HDMI 2.1 FRL signals above 18 Gbps natively. Check Intel's official website. CPUs support only 2.0 TMDS speed of 18 Gbps.

    The only way this product of Gigabyte could possibly support "8K" over HDMI port is for the motherboard to host level shifter chip, which would convert DisplayPort 1.4 signal into HDMI 2.1 FRL above 18 Gbps; something similar to what Xbox SX has on its MB.

    Gigabyte's advert clearly reads "Ultra HD HDMI 2.1", which means 4K/60 8-bit RGB and not 8K anything. This product, therefore, could support 8K over DisplayPort 1.4 usb-c and mini-DP, with DSC. Be aware of dubious marketing.

    Unless they disclose whether the motherboard hosts level shifter chip for above 18 Gbps signals.
  • PBme
    Calling your electronic product "brick" seems like you didn't have enough native english speakers in the room.
  • 72jd
    How to order the Next Gen Upgrade Kit? I'd like to have 2x RJ45 LAN interfaces...