Gigabyte Reaches DDR3-4500 In Live Demo

Gigabyte kicked off Computex with new motherboards, a new overclocking push, and updates to its Ultra Durable reliability strategy. New for Computex is the overclockers-only version of its recently-launched SOC series, the Z97X-SOC Force LN2.

The LN2 version features too little space between the CPU socket and DIMMs for most high-end air coolers, and lacks any mounting provisions for production CPU coolers, because the shorter memory traces are specifically useful in generating a top memory clock. Those features won't be missed by some of the board's target market: Liquid Nitrogen overclocking gurus.

One of the biggest announcements for the company's Ultra Durable program are the new Black Edition versions of its recent motherboards, which are burn-in tested for a week prior to shipping. The warranties on these parts have been extended to five years.

Gigabyte finished its presentation with a little cat call contest before unveiling the big news: DDR3-4500 is now within reach. Check it out:

Gigabyte Cat Call Contest

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  • ykki
    4 PCIE slots(the orange ones) and only 2 RAM slots?
  • jossrik
    Maxing out the RAM has little effect on it's speed, or in this case bandwidth, the latency is probably terrible at 4500. Usually they're only benching one or two stix cause more than that causes compatibility issues, or rather, there's a greater chance of issues the more sticks you add. I guess. Not a LN2 OC guy, they could probably give a better, more in depth answer.
  • kanaaka
    lol it's windows xp on screen