Gigabyte Announces the Aorus P850W and P750W Power Supplies

Although Gigabyte has highly competitive products in the laptop, motherboard, graphics card, and small-form-factor PC markets, among others, we aren't typically excited about its PSU offerings because our disappointment with the flagship XP1200M unit remains fresh in our minds. But the good thing about companies like Gigabyte is that they have enough money to recover from their failures and indeed, two years after the XP1200M's release, the company has returned to the PSU market with two mid-level offerings under its premium Aorus brand.

The Aorus P850W and P750W have, as their model numbers indicate, respective capacities of 850W and 750W. They are also 80 PLUS Gold certified, but there is no information about their performance and noise output since they haven't been certified by Cybenetics. Both units are fully modular and, according to Gigabyte, exclusively use Japanese caps for increased reliability. Without knowing the brand or models of those caps, though, we can't say much about their reliability. Gigabyte used modular cables with extra filtering caps in order to offer better ripple suppression. This technique surely improves ripple performance, but it can also make the cables more difficult to manage.

The cooling fans in both units use double ball-bearings, which are much more resilient to high operating temperatures compared to fluid dynamic bearings. The catch here is the DBB fans are noisier than similarly specced FDB fans, which is why the latter dominate the market. Thankfully both Aorus PSUs feature a semi-passive operation that deactivates the fan under light and moderate loads. According to Gigabyte, the fan's double ball-bearing can last up to 50,000 hours, however there is no information about the operating temperature used to calculate this period.

There is a single +12V rail, and as you can see in the image above, all available protection features are present. The provided warranty is pretty long at 10 years, but there is no information about when these models will hit the market or what price tags they'll bear when they do. And even though Gigabyte announced the release of two models, the Aorus P850W and P750W, so far only the P850W is listed on its site.

Contributing Editor

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.

  • Zaporro
    Extra caps on cables = they frikked up the internal design and decided to cheat by mutilating cables and preventing people to get 3rd party sleeved cables without any PSU specification loss.