Glorious PC Gaming Race's Lightweight Glorious Model D Mouse Finally Arrives

(Image credit: Glorious PC Gaming Race)

We've been hearing about the Model D from The Glorious PC Gaming Race (yes, that's actually a company) for a while now, and today the company is finally making the RGB gaming mouse available.

The Model D is all about ergonomics, attempting to be one of the most lightweight gaming mice you can get your hands on (pun intended). Thanks to its honeycomb mesh that spans the top and bottom of the mouse it weighs in at just 0.15 pounds (68g), not counting the cable. The glossy model weighs an additional 0.03 ounces (1g).

(Image credit: Glorious PC Gaming Race)

Aside from being light and ergonomic, the mouse doesn't try be more than an elegant, purpose-built tool. It comes with the standard mouse switches, a clickable scroll wheel, two navigation buttons and a DPI switcher. Of course, you get a serving of RGB lighting, but we think it looks great through the stripes on each side of the pointer and breaking through the honeycomb mesh.

Standard, the mouse comes with four small "G-Skates," which we like to call glide pads. You can opt to install the two included larger pads if you want it to glide even smoother.

(Image credit: Glorious PC Gaming Race)

Naturally, the mouse also comes with a great sensor. The one used here is the PixArt 3360, which can track at up to 12,000 DPI. The mouse also has a polling rate of 1,000 Hz and a maximum lift-off distance of 0.7mm. Glorious PC Gaming Race said that the  sensor isn't affected by acceleration or angle snapping. Its pixel-perfect tracking is supposed to ensure that the movement you make will be perfectly translated to the screen.  

The Glorious Model D will be available in white and black, with each also landing with a matte or glossy finish. The matte variants cost $49.99, with the glossy finish going for $59.99. The mice are currently available on Glorious PC Gaming Race's website.

Niels Broekhuijsen

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