GTA 'Episodes from Liberty City' Hitting PC, PS3

Are you a PC or PS3 gamer who preferred your Grand Theft Auto IV experience on your non-Xbox 360? Right now, you've been missing out on some of the best downloadable content yet with the "Lost and the Damned" and the "Ballad of Gay Tony" expansions – but that will soon change.

It appears that the Microsoft exclusivity period on the GTA IV DLC will be expiring on March 30 as the "Episodes From Liberty City" – which contains both DLC packs – will be appearing at both retail and online for download on PSN and Games for Windows Live.

Expect the retail package to include both DLC packs and the online download to allow gamers to buy separately.

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  • alextheawesome
    It's about time.
  • ominous prime
    Hoping for a better port than GTA IV, what a nightmare that was.
    i never played the DLC i hope there good...