Grux Revealed As Final Hero For Epic Games' 'Paragon'

Five heroes were teased for Epic Games’ upcoming title Paragon, with one hero revealed over the past five weeks. The first character, Twinblast, was a human wielding two guns. Today marks the unveiling of the final hero, named Grux.

Unlike Twinblast, Grux is an alien/beast hybrid of sorts who wields a sword. Based on his abilities on the game’s teaser site, he can use both melee and magic attacks. However, it seems that using the sword is a priority, whereas magic is more suited in a support capacity.

The other characters introduced over the past few weeks vary in abilities. Steel is another alien-like being with melee and energy-focused powers; Sparrow’s bow makes her attacks deadly from a distance; and Dekker uses her futuristic sword for melee hits, but also uses mana, just like Grux.

Other than these small teasers, Epic Games is still quiet about additional details for the game. However, it does encourage players to sign up for the game’s beta session. As for the release date, all we know is that it’s coming in 2016.


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